Ringing Cedars International Portal

How to edit profile

When You are logged in, You can edit your profile (profile).

To do this, open Your profile page: http://www.anastasia.ru/en/social/user/

In the left block under "Manage" click on "Edit profile".

On the page that opens on the left You can switch between groups of settings of the profile:
- personal data;
- contact information;
- authorization parameters.

In "Personal details" You can specify Your name, surname, patronymic name, gender, date of birth, and personal data (a text about yourself, what you're looking for and what Your status - married or not).
In this group You can upload a main photograph of the questionnaire.

In the "Contact information" you can specify the country, city where You live and other contact information. Here you can change the email address tied to Your account on the Portal.

In group settings the "authorization Settings" You can change the password.

When new settings are ready, click on the "Save" button at the bottom right of editor area group settings.

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