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Jesper Nilsson

Last Logged in: 6 months ago
Birthday: January 20, 1975
Sex: Male
Relationship: Single
Languages: EnglishGermanOther
Looking for: Love / RelationshipCocreation of a Family HomesteadFriendship / Communication
About: Who am I? I usually am a little of everything required and asked for the people surrounding me. What am I? A person still choosing for what I wanna be. I have found the answers, and I yet have to choose. Why am I? To be happy and share happiness with others. When am I? As often as someone asks a questions. Otherwise I am usually not being, but thinking. Where am I? Usually in south of Sweden. But I can actually feel at home anywhere. :-D How am I? Since I have the answer I am usually just asking questions in return to people. And smiling most of the time in amazement to people's small wisdom. I wish to meet more people like me so that I receive contribution from people with higher wisdom.

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Web Site: http://www.greencoaching.net
Country: Sweden
Region/State: Skåne
City: Malmö
Skype: green_coaching
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